Computer Repair


What does this mean for you? It means a lot. It means you have a group of HIGHLY TRAINED Techs on YOUR SIDE!

We work for you. With more than 2000 customers served over the last 5 years, we have seen it all. There is no problem you have that we have not been able to fix.
But that's not all. With a 99% Customer Service Rating our customers keep coming back when they are trouble. Now, that's piece of mind.

Now you may ask yourself, what is the Hackers Mancave and what are they selling? Well, I am glad you asked. Let's take a close look at Hackers Mancave:

Hackers Mancave was started by a Hacker known as DrAx (aka. Eric C Smith). DrAx was a "White Hat Hacker". This means he was one of the good guys. Someone who helped users protect themselves from the Black Hat Hackers (The Bad Guys). After sometime, Eric decided to retire from the Hacker World and create a company who's sole purpose was to protect innocent users from the torrents of the world, hence Hackers Mancave was born. In 2009 Eric opened a little shop in Historic Ellicott City and the company grew rapidly. Within the next 4 years he moved his operation 2 times into larger facilites until finally landing in Columbia Maryland with a 3000 square foot facility.

This facility includes 1600 of gaming and retail space which shows off Hot Sauce, Custom "Scorpion" Computers, Gaming Tables and Collectbles. The additional space is dedicated to working with businesses and the government on Cyber Security and Web Development.

So, with this in mind, if you have a computer problem, let us help. Most of our services start at $69, which is WAY LESS than those Geeks.<br><br>

So, if you need a computer built or repaired, use a Hacker, not a Geek! Bring your computer to use for a FREE DIAGNOSIS! No Appointment needed.<br><br>

Remember, When The Geeks Don't Know....They Ask The Hackers!