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This Saturday April 30, 2016 - 2 Gamesday Events!

GUARANTEED BOOSTER BOX SPLIT! (add 2.5 boosters per per after 15 players)
1st Place - GD Playmat. Up To $15 In Singles, Or Hot Sauce!
2nd Place - Your Choice Up To $12 In Singles Or Hot Sauce!
3rd Place - Up to $10 In Singles Or Hot Sauce
Top 50% - Payout of Booster Packs
Gameday Promo For ALL!
3 Door Prizes. Hot Sauce, Sleeves and A Single!

Gameday Event #1: Registration at 12pm. Play at 12:30pm
Gameday Event #2: Registration at 4pm: Play at 4:30pm

1. You get 3 booster packs to draft with (just like any other draft format).

2. You will get 2 booster packs to put into the prize pull per person with a 50% payout. (i.e. 10 people in a pod, top 5 split 20 booster packs)

3. 1 booster pack as arbitrary (mulligan) pack. If one of your packs sucks or you get super good cards, you can use your arbitrary pack as a substitute. You must notify the Pod Leader before doing so. If you do not use the pack, you can take the unopened booster pack home with you.

4. All winners are allowed to trade in 50% of their prizes (booster packs) for Store Credit to buy singles, sleeves, etc. Because there are 6 boosters per person, and the entry fee is only $20,